Initial Site Visit

We meet with you onsite to achieve an understanding of what your vision and goals are for your project. We discuss what your budget is and can hopefully review any research or sketching that you have developed in your process of initial plans for your renovation/project. We want to develop a working relationship with our clients to ensure that we are in full understanding of what the end goal is for their project.

Basic Budget Review In Person

We find that it is a highly valuable tool to utilize software that gives our prospective clients a visual of the plans and goals outlined in phase one of our process. We use 3D software that is incredibly helpful for clients to see their finished product in a digital format before any physical work is commenced. We find this gets the creative juices flowing and gives a substantive piece of reality for a project that up until this point has existed only in the want format of our client’s minds.

Styles & Finishes

This is the part that allows you to get busy and choose exactly which elements and finishes you want for your project. You will know what the parameters are for your search (the order in which items need to be selected and your pricing to stay on budget) and we can direct you to some great suppliers. If a revision of the contract is required to accommodate a shift in your preferences, we will do so in the review of your selections prior to orders being submitted.

Quote After Deposit

Having completed phases one and two, we now have the information to provide an accurate quote for your project. We provide a quote to our clients which details each aspect of the project so that it is straightforward and easy to follow. In scenarios where all materials have not been settled on, we provide allowances based on the discussions in our initial phases. Many other contractors don’t take the time to set this amount of detail out for clients however, we feel that it is so important that we deliver quotes in person so that there is clear understanding of all aspects which are defined.


Contact and Schedule

At this point, you decide if you want to work with Hightower Construction. We are excited and hopeful that we can continue with you in your journey to your project’s successful completion. If you choose to proceed in the relationship that we have started together we meet and review the contract to ensure all is as you would like for it to be. A down payment is required for us to proceed and there will be a schedule of agreed upon draws as the project continues. If additional items are desired by you the client as the job is progressing we provide a digital format for this to occur. We will enter you into our upcoming projects schedule and get a start date pinpointed.

Project Completion

Once your project has been completed, we will have a final meeting where we do a walk through with you and ensure that all is done to your satisfaction. If there are any deficiencies or issues, we will address them as efficiently as possible, so that we can leave you to enjoy what has newly been created. Our many years of service are possible due to our excellent workmanship and referrals from previous clients. We look forward to earning the privilege of earning referrals to your friends and family or perhaps returning to work on your next project!