Additions & Renovations

In today’s real estate market, many homeowners are choosing to remain in their established neighbourhood instead of selling their property and moving. Many of our clients find that they have significant equity in their property and are renovating or putting an addition onto their current property. This is a wise investment! Other clients choose to purchase a home and request that we do a major renovation prior to them moving in.

Renovating your living space by removing walls to create a more open floor plan, replacing your kitchen to make it a modern and functional, creating a master suite, updating bathrooms or finishing the basement can all make your current home your forever home. The possibilities are endless. The trend that we have noticed, is that a large number of our clients are choosing to make their home be what they need it to be by making changes that cause the use of space to be more appropriate for their current and future needs and comfort.

Additions can make a major change in how your home functions. Expanding the footprint of the original house can accommodate a new kitchen, a master suite, a large entertainment room or an in-law suite. Going up is also an option. Adding a second floor radically alters a home and enhances not only the function of a home, but also the curb appeal thus adding to the retail value. Adding an addition is a worthwhile investment.